I'm a little OCD that way...

Preference concerning whether the toilet paper rolls out or in? Check. Have a comfort-level over whether drinking glasses are stored up or down? Check. Feel pretty strongly about which lane should be used by drivers who move the speed limit exactly? Yup. Check, check. Having determined my opinions about these topics over the years doesn't make me picky or unusual. I'm sure of it. Most of us know how "things should be" when it comes to certain topics.

It's something else I began noticing about myself that's been tweaking with my internal gauge of what is and is not "normal." Still living with a friend after just over a year, I eat most of my meals with flatware selected and purchased by someone else. Who knew that the feeling of a spoon in one's mouth could make that much of a difference in the taste of one's ice cream??? Over the months I've discovered a strong predilection toward this one specific spoon and two specific forks. Apparently when things were divided up in friend's past, certain utensils didn't remain with their friends.

It recently became obvious just how strong this quirk had become when I opened the dishwasher and hunted around for one of those short, fat salad forks. And, upon locating it, I washed it by hand, and enjoyed my salad with one of my favorite forks. Very much enjoyed my salad. I love that fork.

Okay, fess up. What obsessive behavior have you been keeping to yourself. Inquiring minds? Yep...they wanna' know.