The 12 Days of A.D.D.


Imagine, if you will, that Lady Gomme, who is said to have adopted London's "traditional memory and forfeit game" of the 1700's for a rhyme "the whole family could have fun singing every twelfth night before Christmas before eating mince pies and twelfth cake", had been blessed with a hint of Attention Deficit Disorder. If my imagined observations are correct:

  • There could have been no discernable tune to follow.
  • The tidy numerical progression would have been nonexistent.
  • The items on the list would have been much more tied to pressing everyday concerns than the exciting holiday in question.
  • Rather than a much-loved Christmas carol, this little diddy would have, instead, developed into a highly-challenging drinking game.

Fortunately, Lady Gomme possessed all her powers of focus.

Meanwhile, today's to-do list scares me and I thought I'd have a little fun with it while my Adderall supposedly kicks in. (Waiting. I'm  w a  i  T  g . . .)

After yesterday's diatribe over my own inability to emotionally commit to a simple game of Dirty Santa when my participation is as an outsider, at best, I'll spare you the easily-4-times-as-long rant today's scattered thoughts would spawn inspire if I didn't stop writing this very minute. Besides, I delusionally believe I'll actually be able to accomplish a good, healthy percentage of today's list. Best, then, to leave a bit of free time for the success that awaits...