Not your Grandma's green thumb

105053-595183-thumbnail.jpgIt always seems so easy, this idea of nurturing a houseplant. Or one of your more basic participants in your herb garden experiments. My grandmothers both seemed to have this effortless way with growing anything at all in sometimes even the least nurturing conditions. Mom still does. For this reason, then, I insist on pretending to have been blessed by that gene.

As mentioned in the side-rant of the recent post on party nostalgia, and as seen in the photo here, that unfounded confidence often comes back to remind me why humility isn't overrated. 

It seems Peace Lilies don't love most of the light in my current abode. Although I've slowly nurtured back to health the Very Important Peace Lily seen finally flourishing here after I nearly killed it in a hot car during my last move, that's a special circumstance. It was gifted to my family the week of my grandmother's funeral and I've taken extra care of it before and after the unfortunate incident in the car. (Which happened because of my ignorant forgetfulness of what will happen in a closed, hot car to anything living.) To date, I don't know of another living Peace Lily that's fared as well under this roof.  And so while roomie was out of town for Thanksgiving, I "rescued" this other dude, seen sitting in the orange Fiestaware bowl (which she might also preferred I not stolen.) I knew it'd be gone the second she returned to town, if she saw how bad it continued to look. I brought it up here, of course, in hopes it would regenerate itself in my room just like the other one did.

This photo was taken several days ago when it looked better than it does now. That was several days after roomie suggested it was time to throw it out. "I'll decide when it's time to throw it out," was my bold reply. She gently nodded the resigned nod of one growing increasingly accustomed to hanging with one of the Stupidly Stubborn for a little too long. I photographed it with the intention of blogging about it much sooner. With the deeper intention of being able to report back to you down the road that it's now as happy as the big one.

I'm starting to get nervous, but I wouldn't be posting this entry if I'd given up entirely. I guess we'll just wait and see...