In spite of the occasional "wax incident"

105053-589793-thumbnail.jpgAs the temperature drops outside, more candles are lit inside. No matter where I've lived, I affectionately recall all sorts of displays throughout my homes. Here is no different. Roomie was cleaning in a mean way today (with no help from me, sadly...I stayed in my seat all day long,) and along with that cleaning and completing of the Christmas decorating (again, no help from me,) a honkin' pile of candles have been displayed. More than usual, that is.

What is it about candles? I love the comforting flicker, a good scent (if I get lucky and choose well,) the added ambience these little columns and pools of wax can add to a room.

Sometimes, though, not so much. There was a little matter with some drippage last year. I still haven't been able to get every last bit of wax off the carpet. Gotta' work on that, for sure. And I found this photo the other day while looking for something else. I walked into the bathroom at the house I moved out of last fall, and found this sight waiting for me. Seems it'd been burning longer than I'd realized. But only in the safety of a non-flammable setting. You've got to be prepared for these things. Just in case. I loved the way the wax pooled. Thought I'd share it with you too!