Recent questions while looking out the window

My desk is set up so I can look out the window while I work. For the most part, I keep my eyes on the monitor, but occasionally I notice the most interesting things. And people. During the past week, for example, I've pondered:

  • Is that woman really wearing a rabbit fur jacket while she's out for her brisk walk?
  • How far is the man over there going to carry that poodle like a baby, so its feet don't touch the awfully cold ground?
  • Has anybody helped to address the issues of this young lady who seems to have more than a few apparently compulsive tendancies? (She runs several times a day, and has a series of oft-repeated patterns and routines that make me really feel for her.)
  • Parking must be a real challenge this week, for the people in that unit down below. The guy who drives the beer van seems to arrive home at unfortunate times...he seems to have to find new and interesting places to park that van several times a week. Or maybe there's a totally different story I don't know anything about? Hmmm.

If I don't watch it, I'll have to shut the blinds today. Sitting by the window is supposed to give me encouraging, bright sunshine. Not keep me from working!  But people are just so interesting, don't you think?

Have you observed anything curious out your window lately?