Forgot best part while going on about Matt Damon's wedding

mattdamononletterman.jpgWhen I was rambling on about Matt Damon's marriage, last night in this little gem of a tangent, how did I forget the best part? Last night on Letterman, Matt Damon did his impersonation of Matthew McConaughey. (Deliciousness incarnate.) In fact, not only did I forget this bit while writing last night, but I would have probably continued to forget it if I'd been able to stay focused and keep my mind on my work. Focus. Ha.

So some random blip through my mind made me curious about something in my website traffic patterns, and I went looking for the answer to my question. Only I passed by some other report that I wasn't expecting which showed me that two people had actually found my site by searching Matt Damon's name. Hm! (That's the beauty of the web, isn't it?) And I clicked on the search they followed. (Still with me? It's worth it, really...hold on.) And once I found the page that led these site visitors to my own site, I discovered that YouTube has this entertaining clip from last night's show. You'll enjoy it particularly if you've ever enjoyed watching MM remove his shirt on screen. Of if you enjoy his twangy accent. Or if you, like me, actually should be paying attention to the stuff on your to-do list instead of linking to YouTube. Whatever. It's funny.

(The short version of this post COULD have merely read, "Check out this funny video of Matt Damon." But where'd have been the fun in that???)