Hooray for ribbing!

105053-586586-thumbnail.jpgOf all the things I decidedly don't want to bother learning how to do with yarn, ribbed pieces are not on the list. At very least I want to knit some ribbed scarves, and who knows what could follow one day? But actually doing it? Now that's another story. It's just the "one day in the far away future, somewhere down the line," thinking that's kept me from trying in the first place.

Never mind all that. Now I've been watching videos (free ones, at that!) online at knittinghelp.com and am way into this learning curve right now. Decided I didn't have to wait for "someday" and that's kinda' workin' out for me! (Click on the photo. Okay, I know. It's a 4"x4" square of uneven stitches with a barely discernable - in the photo - ribbed pattern. Use your imagination, people...it's ribbed, okay?)

Wait. You need to know something else, too. Until the past couple of weeks, I didn't know a thing about knitting "the continental way." I think what I've done until now has been called "the English way," but that's probably even been stretching it a bit. No doubt I picked up what felt comfortable to me when I saw the knit stitch "performed" by my friend who was roped in to teaching me how to knit in the first place. (As if suddenly I could suck up all there was to know about this craft in an afternoon or some other nonesense.)

It's been necessary to return to these videos periodically and try and grasp another concept, and then another, and so forth... slowly, at my own leisurely pace, and as I could really pick them up and make room in my brain for more.

So today was a milestone day. Not only did I finally get what Amy Finlay was trying to show us in these videos concerning a fairly simple (alternative to my previous way,) cast on, but I also kinda' got a handle on how to purl this way. Which led, you've already jumped ahead and guessed - no doubt - to my sudden discovery that I actually possessed all the 105053-586588-thumbnail.jpgnecessary skills to create something with yarn that has the delectable ribbed texture I so love. Dude, I'm so into the look of a nice ribbed sweater. And a nice ribbed scarf. Never mind all I've ever made were tons of scarves (and that hat Mr. Pie wore for this picture when he was something like 4 days old, can't forget that hat, which his noggin quickly outgrew.) I want my scarves, even if that's all I ever make, to have new, interesting textures. Textures that are made possible only by my ability to keep up with what stitch comes next in the pattern. Might as well see what I can do with a simple ribbed scarf. So far so good! I'll keep you posted on the progress...