Wrapped cars as a possible blog topic?

How many of those cars have you seen? You know...the ones that are wrapped, head to toe, in advertisements for some company or other.  And when you saw them, what did you think?

  • Well that's an odd thing to drive around in!
  • Wow. Sucks to be him!
  • That's certainly one approach to getting the word out about your business!
  • What would make a person do that???
  • Hmmm...maybe somebody paid them to drive that car!
  • Eek. It's a great car, but I'd have a hard time keeping a straight face as I stepped out of it...

What else? Well, today I saw a pretty little VW with all kinds of advertisement graphics on it. Not a surface wasn't touched. I want to say it was a Jetta, although I could be wrong. Maybe a Passat. Either way it was a sweet car. Although I couldn't tell you what it was advertising, now that I think of it. Not that it isn't an effective technique. I'm just thinking "ADD woman always looking for new topics for her blog and new ways to generate income while entertaining herself" might not be their target audience.

Then again...

The reason I didn't pay attention to what the car was trying to get me to buy is that I went off into another gajillion directions. Including this:

Hey! Maybe I should hook up with one of the companies that pays you to drive their cars, contract for a year, and start a blog about it. Hmmm. That could be really interesting. REALLY interesting! Then I could continue to delay the inevitable decision about What To Do With My Much Loved But Aging Car. And get some fun blogging out of it too. Hmmm...

Whaddya' know...6 hours later and I haven't completely forgotten the impulse. No doubt if I actually did follow through with such a scheme, you'd be the first to know!