Backed up your site lately?

Peeking in at just now, my eyes fell on these words,

There are numerous reasons why this might happen ranging from being hacked, to having a server outage, to not backing up a blog and losing data etc.

Darren was writing about loss of web traffic due to a drop in Google Ranking. For professional bloggers. Which I am not. I'd still hate it if I lost all my traffic. The part that got me, though, was, "not backing up a blog and losing data etc."

Eek. When was the last time I backed up any of my sites??? I couldn't answer that question when it occurred to me. 

But now I can. I've backed up my websites tonight. And know I'll sleep better because of it. Just got another shiver, thinking about what a close call that was! (In the imaginary scenario my mind took me to after I started pondering my backups...)