Actually that's not a bad day's work!

dothattoo.gifFlipping open my notebook and taking a look at today's list of things to do, I was about to come down pretty hard on myself. Along the lines of "You always overbook your schedule and set delusional goals, thinking you can do so much in a single day." Then I started checking off the completed items.! In spite of the fact that tomorrow's scaring me with all I need to accomplish before going to bed about 24 hours from now, could I just share today's satisfaction?

These things were checked off in my book:

  • Blogged...of course.
  • Over morning coffee, read some more from my book.
  • Returned several emails.
  • Did some online research.
  • Took two business phone calls and three or four personal ones, too.
  • Worked on some notes for one of tomorrow's two meetings - that took more than an hour.
  • Made even more website changes, which you might say I'm revising from the inside out.
  • Drove to Marcy's and picked up all those delicious, new, fresh-from-the-kiln pendants.
  • On to Rag Poets where I delivered more of my necklaces in anticipation that even more of their clients will just love my recent work. (Back story here.)
  • Then to my storage building where I located two huge bins of velvet for festival booth draping, and a couple of things I can't now the dark. Without a flashlight.
  • Next stop: Michael's where I bought something that might, if I'm very industrious, get turned into something else to make my booth presentation really cool. (At the upcoming festivals, that is.)
  • Followed by a visit to the supermarket to pick up some things we were out of.
  • Made a simple dinner. (But more complex than just microwavable popcorn like many nights.)
  • Sorted pendants and chose 25 that would be best presented on cord rather than with beads.
  • clasp.jpgThen cut all that cord, (discovering my supply wasn't what I'd believed it was,) and put ends on each strand. (That involves lots of repetitive use of needle nose pliers for satisfactory closure.) Will add rings and clasps tomorrow. Sometime.
  • Watched Love Actually while adding cord to pendants.
  • Now I'm debating whether or not to start my list for tomorrow (thereby ruining any possibility of peaceful thoughts before bed,) or just brushing my teeth and reading before I go to sleep. The latter is starting to look pretty good.

So see...the moral of the story is this: Even when you didn't "get it all done," today, there's a possibility that nobody else would have been able to check off everything on your list, either. Just be pleased with the good, consistent effort, and see about being more realistic tomorrow. OR just pick up where you left off, if you don't mind having an unfinished list to start a fresh day, and be thankful you have a full life with plenty to keep you entertained... (And I do, too...have a very full, very good life.)

Meanwhile, cut yourself a little slack every now and then!