Tenacity pays; hours of glazing behind me

glazingqueen.gifDo you ever plan to work on a project "for just two hours" then find those two little ole' hours turn into four...or five? It's a little blurry now - hard to say how long it actually went on - but yesterday was A Glazing Bonanza of the finest order. Once done, there were more than 100 pieces ready to be fired. (Counting at the end is one of my favorite parts.)

Highlights for ya:

  • Just getting finished was the main highlight. I've had a tray of bisqued pendants waiting for glaze for a couple of months now. Decided to push on and finally complete them as planned long ago. After my back started hurting, I almost wrapped it up. Then I realized there were only about 15 or 20 pendants left...what's one more hour or two, right?
  • During the insomnia hours of 4am and about 6:30, it was good thinkin' time. I made some decisions about upcoming festival(s) prep. And I also realized I should get to work on some glazing. Later when real morning daylight had appeared, there was an email waiting from my friend Marcy. Saying she was going to fire a glaze kiln last night, and did I want in on the action. Oh yea...that's the kind of timing I love.
  • I decided to throw caution to the wind on a few of the pendants. Color-wise, specifically. Unlike crayons and paint, glazes can have some tricky, even volatile, outcomes, when blended. You can't necessarily mix blue and red and think you're going to get purple in the end. (You might, but no guarantees.) I mean, one of the glazes I used this go round goes on a sort of orangey brown, but it fires blue. So who's to say what I'll get with some of the layering I tried, and some of the mixing, too. The only real downside to this approach is that I didn't take the time to make any notes about what I was doing. So if something comes out particularly exquisite...well, good luck to me if I ever want to duplicate it. Otherwise, whatever. They'll either turn out or they won't; no harm done. That's how we learn, right? By testing things, and trying new options...
  • I'd love to show you photos of the finished trays-o-pendants before I left for Marcy's. But, well, there was the little matter with a cup of coffee... Maybe I'll get some shots after they come out tonight, though. It's always fun to photograph a whole series before they're sorted or separated or used in a final design.

That's all. Back to the to-do list. No doubt it's gonna' stretch on longer than hoped, kinda' like that glazing session did. Seems to be a pattern with me.