The coffee isn't intended for your gadgets

coffeegadgets.gifYou might want to keep your cell phone and digital camera as far away from liquids as possible. Just a suggestion. Because I apparently forgot what is no doubt a rule of thumb for all of you, I thought I'd mention it again. In case you ever have a moment like the one I had yesterday.

I'll invite you to picture it with me: I'm in Border's, standing in front of the 2 for 3 table. My hand is on Mr. Pie's amazing automobile-like stroller and I'm making silly talk to the baby as I peruse the trade paperback titles, contemplating whether I need three new books or not. He's making Fun, 9-Month Old Sounds and all is right with the world. I reach for my coffee, which I'd placed in one of the two cup holders conveniently located near the handle used to push His Highness around. Only it wasn't where I expected it to be. I look away from the stacks of books that had, only moments before, held me mesmerized...

I don't actually have the skill to convey to you the little contortion my heart did when I noticed the handy tray between the two cup holders. The tray in which I'd put not only my cell phone, for easy access, but for the first time ever, also my little digital camera. I'd brought the camera because I'd just snapped the best photo of Mr. Pie that was giving me some great Christmas Present Inspiration, and I thought there just might be another photo op on the horizon. You have to be prepared for these things.

Both of my much-loved gadgets were floating in what was once half a cup of my coffee, plus the perfect blend of half-and-half & skim milk, plus one pack of turbinado sugar. 

I have no idea how long they'd been soaking, but I can tell you it didn't take me an extra second to start heading back to the cafe to ingratiate myself with the helpful staff who provided me with more than one absorbent cloth. My phone is still useable, but last time I tried, the camera was not. I'm thrilled to say, however, that I was able to grab the lonely 6 photos off the 256 mg storage card, including The Aforementioned Very Excellent Shot, and for that I'm quite grateful. Later today, perhaps I'll try again. I'm not quite up to it just yet, but I haven't given up hope.

Now let's say it again, one more time, just for practice: The Coffee Has To Stay Far From Your Gadgets. Really. Okay...I know, you already knew that. I'm just reminding myself One More Time.