Bill & Carl: they want to help me build a brand

Happiness and glee: my new book was in the mailbox late yesetrday. This is the book that's gonna' help me brand myself professionally. The one with the catchy title, Why Johnny Can't Brand, by Bill Schley and and Carl Nichols, Jr. The one that's explaining to me the concept of the "Dominant Selling Idea."

My own DSI is all wrapped up in the championing of creativity. Because whether I'm designing jewelry or websites or teaching people how to make their own beaded jewelry or guiding them through writing exercises, I'm helping them to tap into their own creativity. And since creativity is so integral to my life, that I've emerged as a person who's fairly successful at encouraging others to reach within and create has been a natural evolution for me. Now it's up to me to extract that DSI from all the extraneous fluff.

Okay, actually I need to just finish reading the book first. Soon, though. Because I've already set up a few mental preconceptions about what could be possible once I've read it.  When these guys are gonna' maybe help me harness this Big Idea I'm still sorting out, and put it out there so just the right amount of clients will come calling. I'll let you know what reading the book actually does for me.