What were they thinkin' - no internet access???

Last night before I went to bed, I sent my sister a funny quote and a couple of links to funny things I'd found online and thought she'd equally appreciate. I sent 'em to her at work, but wrote, in my subject line, even, "For when you take a break."

She emailed me back this morning,

The quote you sent is hilarious.  Sadly, sending me links at work is futile, as I do not have internet access here.  (I think the company doesn't give it to us because they think we might spend all day reading links our friends sent to us on e-mail.  Go Figure.)

A little while later we were talking on the phone, (Thanksgiving plans just got changed, and I had to get a quick update,) and she mentioned the email again, "For a second when I got your email, I was so frustrated. I was thinking, "What do they think we're gonna' do all day...sit around and read the internet???" Then we laughed. "Yea, that's exactly what they think you're gonna' do!"

If I owned my own sizeable compnay, I wonder if I'd give my employees liberal and unchecked access to the internet? I'd like to think that I would! Since I'd be hiring adults and all, who are capable of making good decisions. And "in this day and age," you need access to the internet...even if it's not immediately obvious how you'd need it. But it made me stop and think. About how much trust we do or don't put in others...about giving people opportunities to make conscious, mature decisions about their own actions.

PS: It's hard to say if sis would have waited to read the stuff I sent her the links to, or not. But she's got a stellar work ethic and often doesn't even take breaks. Which makes me believe, confidently, that even if she'd read those pages "on the clock," and I'd been her boss, I'd still be lucky to have her in my employ. Which further illuminates my thoughts about the question above. The completely hypothetical and useless question above, since I'm not planning to have a company big enough to have to worry about whether or not I give the employees access to the internet or not...