Category Cleanup: Where to Start?

It's hard to know where to start on such a project. But it's got to be done and it's going to be done! (Quick, somebody help me figure out which movie character I'm quoting here...I can't recall but I know somebody said that first; I can hear the voice.)

I'm talking, of course, about the mess you'd find if you tried to peek through the different categories I've set up for this blog. As Dena said, during the pivotal conversation that made me get off my butt and kick this website's organizational transition into high gear, "You've got too many. I can't find anything." As I said to her in my reply, "I know. I've gotta' clean that s#&@ up."

So when I told you a few days ago that I had a long way to go before this site's revision was complete, I didn't even come close to mentioning my messed up categories. Let's take a look. Perhaps you'll see why I'm dreading it:

  • I have categories for beaded jewelry and artisan jewelry. Not the same thing. But sometimes they overlap and it just gets redundant to use both.
  • But that's nothing. What about this: "creative processes" and "how we process stuff" doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to me, but what about my readers? And frankly "multi-tasking" for an ADD person could be listed in the same group.
  • Speaking of pieces that deal with my attention span...I know, there are too many. Sometimes I'm writing About ADD, and other times I'm just writing on a day I've refused or forgotten to take meds, and never mention the "condition" at all, but you know what's going to differentiate?!
  • But looking over the list now, I see something Dena mentioned that day. I have categories with only one or two entries. Unless it's a new category I need to develop, I suppose it's time to get rid of those entirely! I just saw one "women" and have no idea what that means. And still recall writing about "southern culture." But I don't know that this will be one I repeat too often, so I suppose everything within those areas will have to go elsewhere.

So that's what's on my mind this morning. But don't think for one minute that I'll be working on this today. Nope. Right now I'm gonna' have some coffee, then on with the day. Soon, though...very soon. Wanted you to feel my pain, though. Can you tell? Any suggestions will be welcome. I think. (As long as your suggestions help make it easier and don't add to my pain. I have more than 500 separate entries in this blog. Don't think for a minute I'll be reorganizing every one of them.