Another reason it's good to have creative friends

You can get by with stunts like this more often when your friends are also creative. The following is the email I sent Margot at 4:09pm yesterday, since I was going to see her later:

If you have any inclination whatsoever, would you please print the 40% off coupon below, (link handily provided at the end of this email,) and stop at Hobby Lobby on your way tonight?
Here's my shopping list, should you feel so inclined to be my personal shopper:

  • 1 pair of US Size 10 bamboo knitting needles (for which that coupon will come in very handy,)
  • 1 pair of US Size 10 Susan Bates metal knitting needles.

If they don't have any bamboo, then just get two pairs of the metal ones. I seem to always need this size and have nearly everything else. But no honkin' five foot long needles, please. Only normal, ordinary ones work for me. I only knit scarves. I can't use those those extra tall things people must use for knitting houses and afghans and stuff. They make my arms tired.
If you don't feel like stopping that's totally cool. I'll keep using these annoying plastic ones or start a new project. I'm surely due for a new project anyway. That's not a bad idea anyway.
Okay, thanks! Either way. See you soonish,

And she actually brought 'em, too! The bamboo ones, anyway. Seems all the metal ones that store had were too long. And since I'd been clear with what I needed, I don't now have extra long needles to return. Which is another reason it's also important to be clear about what you need! 

I have such great friends.