Website in transition

Although the big Aha Moment came at about 6pm last Friday night, I wasn't ready to "unveil" the new look of my website's honkin' overhaul until today. I'm not that close to being finished, though. It seemed important to mention, having made a fairly big deal (blogging and talking to a handful of friends,) of the changes that were to come. Wouldn't want anybody to think "this is all" when it's not!

Among the things remaining to be done:

  • Finishing the pages that deal with websites I design for others - samples, process, philosophy, etc.
  • A new look for my home page. (Sadly, I'm pretty sure my blog can't be the home page anymore.  This is the one element that doesn't thrill me about all these changes.)
  • Some text that appropriately conveys a message I'm working on, yet to be disclosed. Suffice it to say it's a single overarching message that will attempt to encompass most of my professional projects, linking them into a semi-coherent whole. I've set for myself a formidible challenge with this one.
  • Reshooting the photos in my necklace galleries. Lotta' lessons learned about "get 'em up in a hurry," for sure. The quality of images showcasing that last series is just embarrassing.
  • 105053-553937-thumbnail.jpgGetting a new, more professional headshot. Today I replaced the one I've been using in this site's header with one somebody took of me last night. I was tired of the other one and my eyes are a tiny bit more open in the new one. But for the sake of remembering, I'll put up a version of this old one here, right now, in this blog entry. This picture was also taken in a coffee shop, ironically (or not,) in Seattle, and reminds me of happy times, squinty eyes or not!
  • And although it doesn't have that much to do with the redesign rather more with follow-through, I'm also planning to actually put some of the photos I've been taking for, well, ever, into some more online galleries! Setting up that leetle gallery from last night's coffee-talk was fun and gave me a taste for more.

There's no doubt more but making a dent in this list will thrill and delight me to no end.

Now to assess that list and see if I have any energy remaining this evening. Maybe I can check something else off! Then again, it has been a long, productive day... hmm.