Visiting friends & photos to prove it

paneranov06.jpgWhen Rachel and Bob moved to Seattle, there was always the assumption that they'd be back to visit...someday. Who knew I'd make it out there to see them before they returned here? But that's how it happened.

Nonetheless, between family visits and seeing other friends on the east coast, a few of us were able to visit with these missed friends for a while yesterday at Panera. In keeping with my goal of actually bothering to put more of my photos on my website, and also to prolong the fun of our visit, I've put up the photos we took yesterday. Take a peek if you care to.

It was great grand fun. In the end, Bob and Rachel and Dena and Sarah and I were able to visit for a few hours yesterday. And later, we unabashedly snapped photos of our little groupings, the flash lighting up the room with great enthusiasm. I really need to learn how to use this camera...further proof that I'm not an Instruction Reader. Several of these shots have eerie little glows I can't quite put my finger on. I just think it's due to too much flash. Is there such a thing? The ones sans flash, had just a bit too little light. (This flash came on and off indiscriminately - sister's baby even recently turned it on and off without my understanding of how, too: further proof that I need to read that manual.) These had a bit extra light. Or weird light, anyway. Hmm. Something to consider.

But it was a good time and we're all pretty caught up with each other. Now we shall forthwith continue on our separate paths until somebody else gets to travel and we have the pleasure of visiting again. In a coffee shop, in somebody's home, in a hotel...never mind where. It's always good to see "old friends."