Very exciting - tales of sales

ragpoetsad.jpgMy call from Rag Poets Botique yesterday was thrilling. It seems that half the 12 necklaces I left there for them at the end of September have sold. This is very exciting news! Now to make time to choose from my latest designs and take them more. They're having a very big celebration this week; (not a celebration that they sold my necklaces, but we can pretend, right?) And I mention the celebration now because that's probably the worst time to walk in the door with new inventory...when people are shopping and groovin' to good tunes and eating hors d'oevures. But I said I'd try to drop off some new things and what better time to have new pieces there! We're all laid-back; guess we'll work out the details!

Their new website is currently under construction, but I'll add a link here 'cause it won't always be under construction. And who knows...maybe it's almost finished! 

Anyway, that's my excitement for the morning. Now I have to get myself into high gear. Not only do I get to go teach my Seniors Beading Class, but later this afternoon I'll get to see my friends Rachel and Bob, who regular readers know have moved away to Seattle. We used to walk to each other's houses; now it's a six hour flight. So I'm very excited to hang out this afternoon.

But not if I don't hurry and get into that shower. Have a great Wednesday!