Monday morning flexibility = good stuff

105053-548323-thumbnail.jpgAlthough today's "to do list" hadn't quite made it to paper, I pretty much knew what the day was gonna' look like. That is, until this person - whose Mama was halfway to his Monday sitter's house when said sitter called to say she was sick - decided to come spend the day with me.

Okay, then, I'll do the bulk of what I needed to do tonight. 'Cause you know I won't get anything else done THIS day! Take a look at the energy this dude carries everywhere he goes. (And kindly refrain from mentioning all the get used to that.)

Roomie needed to run a quick errand. Yay! Shower time for me! Now she's taking him for a walk. So I could work. Hm. This is work? Well, sure...think about it. I'm working on some really exciting website changes. And need to be able to show potential website clients some of my skills. Ta da! You, too, are addicted to a tiny person? Well let me help you showcase his every move on a Monday morning!  

Okay, fine, I know it's not work. But now that I've got fun pictures for Grandma and Grandpa, AND a blog entry for today, I'll get to work. They'll surely be gone for a few more minutes! And there's always the possibility of a nap...