What constitutes a good day?


When I was in Baltimore,  Sean, Joy and I talked about pretty much everything that came to mind. Even pets. Naturally, babies, too, since we had one in the room. Sean's dog Gaia is one of his big loves. One of my big loves, Kenya - not a dog - is no more. I miss her a lot.  As many kitty people point out, and I did that night, "Dogs are great...I'm just not a huge fan of being drooled on all the time." Which was Immediately met with a response from both my sister and my friend: "And yet, you let him drool on you all the time!" Almost in unison. Gesturing, of course, to Mr. Pie, The Sultan of Cool & He Who Does Whatever He Pleases, Thank You Very Much. A Very Big Love.

Good point. 'Cause it's true, too. How on earth did that happen?

Fast forward. This morning I called my friend, Leslie. "What are you doing?" she asked. I replied, "Sitting in the Border's cafe, drinking coffee, previewing a book I might get, and hanging out with my sister's baby." Her response was, "How very cosmopolitan of you." Funny how many different ways there are to interpret our live's scenarios, eh?

Later on, after the excursion to Border's, I lay around with this kid, easily for three hours...pretty much not doing anything more than laughing at each other for no good reason, and letting him drool all over me. 

Ya...it's a very good life.