Getting around fear to reach awaiting success

What holds you back from accomplishing the things you (secretly or not,) hope/plan/wish/aspire to achieve? Sometimes I don't take my own ideas "all the way" because I'm afraid. Now there's a bit of self-discovery for ya!  I'm not actively afraid, of course - not afraid of physical harm or blatant public humiliation or anything that obvious - but it's certainly just as valid as those kinds of fear. Maybe the fear of public humiliation, if you're talking about your website's redesign, actually isn't so far from the truth, though. Regardless, these kinds of fear are just as detrimental to ultimate progress, as being afraid of that thing under the bed when you were a child. It's detrimental because even if it's fear of not succeeding, or of changing your mind about the design direction after hours have been spent, or that in the end what you've put out there is actually quite substandard... each of these fears stand in your way of reaching those goals.  

I made that declaration to myself this morning, specifically concerning this website. It went something like this, in the form of a question/answer session: "Why did it take you so long to do this?"  "Well, I've been busy." "Not good enough. You chose which projects to work on. Why not this one?" "Well, um, I wasn't sure I really wanted to be doing this." "You quit your full-time job so you could do this." "Yea, but..." "No buts." "Well, what if I couldn't..." And when I start sentences in my inner dialogue by using words like "couldn't" and "what if" I know what that means. It means I'm scared. Now we're getting somewhere. 

Considering the ways my website could have been used all along to help me better promote my services as someone who develops sites for small businesses and artists, I find lots of subtle fears. Fears I can continue to hold on to, or ones I can either face or ignore! That's been my favorite one this time around: ignoring them so I can just do what needs to be done.

So this recent fear-eliminating challenge has involved tasks like these:

  • Setting a small set of concrete goals for the project.
  • Acknowledging the resistance when I get blocked or find myself objecting to one of the items on my list.
  • Tricking myself, when necessary, by responding to hesitation with gentle encouragement: "It's okay. Nobody has to see it if you hate it in the end."
  • Using the phrase, when bigger guns are needed: "Just Do It," as a mantra when nothing else works.
  • Reminding myself of how good it's felt when other long-delayed projects have been accomplished.
Whatever works. Failure is not an option. Not this time!