Self as client: built-in case-study

Except for the occaional blog mention, I haven't promoted my website development services on this site. Until now I've used the word-of-mouth path to acquiring customers. Since I'm ready to change that, it's time to take stock of where I actually am, in terms of progress. I've been "working on" some updates for ages. Translation: a couple of times during the past few months, I've spent an hour or two drafting the content for this area of my website. I even built some graphics and captured screenshots of some of the completed websites that could be used in my portfolio.

Deciding to actively promote these services was significant in the decision to revise not only the look of my website but also the way it's organized. This morning I decided to change my approach and treat this project as if I were my own client. There's no way I'd let any of my clients "get by" with putting a site online that was as disorganized and lacking in focus as my own. Not if it was gonna' have my name on it, anyway!

Sitting here with all these drafts and the well-organized notes with which I'm starting off, I'm forcing myself to stay on track. The way I stay on track for my paying clients. So far it seems to be working better than before.  Much progress:

  • I have an actual outline.
  • I've written some very concrete questions for myself. Although I have a set of standard "starter questions" for clients, the second tier of questions are naturally tailored toward the goals of the particular client. In this case, that client being me.
  • Some of the drafted, freewrit-ey, run-on-sentence-laden paragraphs include quality sentences that could very well show up in my new site.

I'm using the blogging platform as an "accountability tool" to guide and chart my progress. It will be a valuable tool. A tool potential redesign clients can refer to as a series of pieces that feature my own eventual success.  This is an opportunity to use myself as an actual case study, if you will. In turning my website from a disconnected group of pages into one I'm proud to market, which accurately reflects my abilities, interests, and creative persepctive, I can provide a very concrete success story from start to finish. All the while knowing that I've embarked on this challenge with a few readers watching. I know myself: I'm a lot less likely to get offtrack when I've shared the intention. So here we go...