Wanna' see?

105053-497255-thumbnail.jpgSo about 12 hours from now, I'll be setting up a tent - hopefully not in the rain, but possibly so - and getting ready to introduce a ton of new people to my latest designs. It boggles my mind to think that after the intensity of this week, I'm actually almost ready to set up my booth. But as it always happens, the time is here.

I shot these photos in very low light in such a hurry with a casual setup and so you can't even really tell the colors, but I still wanted to share a preview of my latest work. What fun I've had making these necklaces!

Now to decide if I'm going to polish the copper for my displays. Starting to wipe out, I'm thinking no. But there's always a possibility of a second wind. (Fifth wind...whatever.)

My cold is a little better. Hopefully tomorrow even better. Before I go out in the rain. Hm. Now to go add clasps to the pendants on cord. G'nite! Hope to see you this weekend!