Paint brushes, copper, tissues, muscles & necklaces

105053-495790-thumbnail.jpgSince every time I talk to someone about this weekend's festival (October 7 - 10am-6pm, & 8, 1pm-6pm,) I'm given another reassurance that this is an event I need to be more than a little prepared for.

Oh good. So that's why I got this cold I've had since the last time I blogged. Doesn't it work that way? You crank up your productivity level so that sleep gets neglected, you don't eat the right nutrients, then somebody comes by to see you, they're sniffling, and your immunity isn't ready for it. I have friends who give me those little printed tissues that go nicely with themes. Not being a heavy-allergies kinda' gal, for the most part I don't use a lot of tissues. And so I'm always surprised to see another pack of tissues with, say, a tulip - my favorite flower - on it. It just never occurs to me to buy such things.

I'm sure glad she does. I'm workin' on a pack right now that has holly berries on it. (Couldn't bear to mess up those pretty tulips. Although I will if I have to.)

105053-495792-thumbnail.jpgAnyway, aside from all the sniffling and coughing and burning throat and achey head stuff, I'm losing skin on the tips of my thumbs (it's either because of all the copper wire I'm bending or maybe because of hammering myself instead of the wire,) and keep running out of stuff. They more than recognize me at the art/craft stores by now...I've been to more of those this week for "just one more thing" than I care to think of. 

Meanwhile, I'll announce that yesterday I felt not unlike a badass when I fought my way through boxes and crates and bags and God knows what all else to get to the waybackfarcorner of my storage building to pull out this bolt of upholstery velvet that has at least 19 yards on it. The prettiest stuff you ever saw and I just had to get it. Ask me about leveredge when the thing you're lifting is 2 feet away and there are boxes in front of it that come nearly to your shoulders.

And on the other side of the room, behind other gargantuan stacks of boxes, I dug out this screen my parents gave me for Christmas years and years ago and I always liked and always really, truly meant to put some pictures in and actually use, but as of today, the glass actually came out for the first time. (Sorry Mom. Sorry Dad. But thanks...this is gonna' come in really handy!) I decided this screen (which apparently I thought would be the other last thing I'd need, when I packed all my stuff away,) would be a great addition to my display. And although I thought I'd have space to highlight 9 necklaces, I was way wrong. Actually, there's room for 15! So I've tested it out (bad photo - low light and in a hurry, but you can get the gist,) and think it's gonna' work just fine. long as it doesn't blow over. I've learned that the forecast has turned unpleasant.

In other news, earlier I primed a shelf-thingie (thankfully roomie had primer when I couldn't find mine in storage, and forgot to bring paint brushes, too,) and am gonna' spray it with this metallic copper paint now that my friend has agreed to stop at one of those aforementioned supply stores and get some more for me 'cause I can already tell I don't have enough after all. I couldn't bear to go out one more time and she was meeting me at a mutual friend's anyway, to help me get this 6 feet table which won't fit in my Toyota, and it's on her way. So hopefully now I'll have enough paint. If the rain doesn't start, that is. Hm. What if I don't get it painted? That never occurred to me. Well, maybe I can live with it, and still have plenty of time to finish it up before next weekend's festival.

Wonder if I have enough jewelry for the size of the crowd I'm told will be attending? Maybe I'll call my other friend who's a deejay who covers the event every year. If I want to scare myself silly, that is...