Is work supposed to be this much fun???

105053-527523-thumbnail.jpgThere are people who rarely, if ever, use words like "inspire" and "create" and "capture" and "evolve" and "texture" and "color" in their everyday lives. No doubt those people lead satisfactory lives... exceptional lives, even. My day is rarely complete without such words. Without them, my own life would feel quite bland.

Along the quest for personal identity, particularly an identity that would inform my professional direction, I decided my career fulfillment needed to start and end with creativity. Embracing what feels natural sure beats struggling every single day. There are struggles enough in the freelancer's world without combatting your core nature at the same time.

This morning, I've spent several hours online seeking out photos that reflect something I've only imagined in my brain. Having found 37 of them - none of which actually do complete justice to my vision, but each of which hits on something I saw in my imagination - I'm about to draw from elements from each of these photos and create a background texture for one of my web clients' new website.

This challenge could be daunting, if I allowed it. Scary...frightful, even. Who do I think I am setting such lofty goals? Maybe I should be overwhelmed! I choose, instead, to think of it as an exciting adventure. It's really quite fun, almost like a scavenger hunt taken to the next level. Or something.

In the end, the final graphic won't be what I've imagined. It'll be different, but possibly better. I'm countin' on it... Wish me luck!