Asheboro Fall Festival - 5 Day Progress Report

105053-491277-thumbnail.jpgLooking through my trays of finished jewelry last week, it occurred to me that it didn't matter one bit how many completed pieces I had on hand. Festival season requires a significant boost in inventory and all those pendants I've recently written about with such excitement...well, they had to be turned into finished necklaces. Sooner rather than later. Especially since I took 12 to Rag Poets on consignment last week, and sold 6 more this week! (It's a good problem to have. Please know I realize this.)

I'm in the middle of serious production mode. But not only am I making jewelry, but I'm also getting out all my display material. The fun, funky displays - not the simple black stands that suffice for "every day." The copper and stained wood and rich, luxurious fabrics.

Today I set up a part of my display on the counter with a row of recently-completed necklaces. You know...just to see how it worked. Instead of placing the copper swirlies into the wooden base and draping with fabric like I've done in the past, I've recently thrown a clay dome and drilled holes in it for a solid foundation to use in a similar fashion. The copper is in serious need of polishing, and I think I'm going to have to cut some of the copper a bit shorter - balance is key when what could fall down is breakable, but I think I'm happy with the end result. Which will free up that shiny fabric for use in other ways. Next time I make one of these domes, I think it'll be just a tad bit bigger. But it works and I'm really pleased that it turned out pretty much the way I'd imagined.

Next time I write, hopefully I'll have solved the mystery of whether or not I'm able to get far enough into the back of my storage unit to get the wooden photo screen and the rest of the velvet, still on the bolt. Without, y'know, killing myself. I need 'em both. And they're much, much further out of my reach than I expected. But unlike years gone by, at least I didn't wait until one or two nights before the first event to find this out. Progress comes in small stages, right? 

Meanwhile, mark your calendars. October 7 & 8...Asheboro Fall Festival is the place to be!

And for those curious to know how it turned out, here's the first part of the follow-up post. Sigh.