The whirlwind isn't gonna' go away, is it?

Some days I think I should just retitle my blog, "More Ways I Overload My Schedule And Ten More Pieces of Evidence That I'm Never Going to Stop."

It's been an interesting week. Want to hear some of the highlights? Regulars already know the drill: nothing's in order. It's just a random list of things I remember from this week. Enjoy!

  • Glazed 25-35 more pendants. (Which should be ready by Saturday, information that pleases me to no end.)
  • Worked on 3 separate smallish website projects. (Interestingly enough, two of which are for Seattle-based clients.)
  • Finally caught up via telephone with Atlanta friend who's leaving for her first European trip tomorrow. Much anticipating the stories she'll bring back with her.
  • Measured the space where my booth will be on Sunday, in order to try and make sure I set everything up as beautifully as it appears in my head.
  • Semi-successfully combatted the anxiety over how little time remains between now and then, and how much still needs to be done (for the booth, and for the rest of life, too,) before I get there to set up.
  • Had some guilt over the fact that another friend's baby was born a week ago and I still haven't even sent her a card of congratulations. (Can't go see the wee one, much as I want to, because I still have the tiniest bit of a lingering cold.)
  • Successfully found the perfect person to watch my booth on Sunday for the last hour so I can leave early and get ready to go to the Eric Clapton concert in Raleigh.
  • Made plans to leave before dawn on Monday morning for a few days out of town. (No doubt more on that at another time.)
  • Scheduled two separate times to meet with two separate friends who live near my travel destination so that hopefully the schedule will flow perfectly.
  • Lamented the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get nearly enough sleep this weekend.
  • Wrote a loooong rant about something that got under my skin. Shared it via email with one friend, but decided not to do anything else with it. (Let it go, Melody. Let it go.)
  • Made another smallish update to my website.
  • Had to sort of outrun a siren-bearing fire truck on an exit ramp when I was already on the ramp when he turned onto it, too. Found myself feeling twinges of a sensation I've never felt before. Made it to the top of the exit ramp hill before he did, and got out of his way. The little Toyota still has some oomph left, after all!

And stuff. Now I think I hear my friend's car. She's coming over to pick up some things, drop off some other things. You know...every now and then you've got to trade stuff with your friends. Then it'll be time for Grey's Anatomy. Yay!

Hope your week is busy in only good ways, too!