Baby Demands Makeover

He didn't recognize me. **The Coolest Baby I've Ever Known, my 7 1/2 month old nephew, came to visit yesterday and looked at me like I was a stranger. My heart did a little thing it's never done before and I wondered if I'd have to slit my wrists.

It'd been just over a week since we'd seen each other. That's kind of a lot of time to have passed, considering the length of his life so far. But it'd been just as long since he'd seen roomie and he giggled and rounded his little baby shoulders in that adorable expression that seems to declare, "I'm so incredibly delighted with the world that I just have to practically hug myself."

Um, okay. I'm really, truly thrilled you're happy to see her. But I'm your Auntie! Your Favorite! What's going on here? Honestly, folks, I can't quite begin to express you how horrific this minute or two was for me!

Aha! I had it. Since I was working from home, not leaving the house all day, and still feeling sluggish from the cold that won't quite go away, I wasn't looking my finest. My bright colors, shiny hair, contact lenses and ever-present necklace had been foregone in lieu of the glasses, Cozy But Boring White, Long Sleeved Tee Shirt, and a ponytail. Yes! That's what it is! He really doesn't recognize me as She Who Has Given Up Hours of More Traditional Productive And Rewarding Activities To Be At Your Beck And Call And Love And Fawn All Over You, Fulfilling Your Every Whim.

Quick as you can imagine, I ran upstairs, put in my contacts, changed into a bright red shirt, added his favorite, beaded necklace with tiny pendant, and brushed my hair out of its ponytail. Ugh. No makeup - even I have to draw the line somewhere and although it wasn't my finest moment, even I, too, saw the stark improvement in the mirror.

Wouldn't it be a lot cooler if I were making this up? 

Back downstairs, Mr. Pie observed me with growing interest. Hmmmm. You look interesting. Hey! I know you! And we played and bounced and giggled and he tried to eat my necklace and all was well with the world. For a while.

But what about next time? He's not even a year old yet! I'm nearly convinced I can't move away from this town in search of Promised Greener Pastures and want to remain in the place I've called home for more than ten years, and think I could continue to build a home in, since he's come to grace our lives with His Royal Fabulousness. To imagine not being near this child is nearly unthinkable. It just never occurred to me that there could be a moment when he'd look at me with confusion and distance, eyes blank and uncaring.

Oh, I'm gonna' have to grow a thicker skin.

Or at least make sure I'm always dressed appropriately for this child. To choose frumpiness leads to feelings you don't want to experience. Ever. Trust me! 


**Link added later, after he got his own page on my site.