Don't skip the rough draft, Melody

One of the deceptively wonderful perks to using Squarespace (which I promote every chance I get) to create and maintain my website is the ease with which I can make changes live in ->* that much time. I can make a change, hit save and I'm done. Which is wonderful for blogging and also, I suppose, for people who don't know how to build websites "the old way." But not only do I know how to build 'em the old way, I also still do so from time to time. Working the old way is more condusive to a step by step process that often gets overlooked when my A.D.D. is driving.

Like today. Which is why I was surprised to find myself making draft-worthy changes to my site and sending them live easy as pie...and skipping the whole drafting process altogether. In instances such as these, I need to reign myself in and that was managed for me by a sudden need to reboot the whole computer. It stopped and said "reboot me now." Which left me little choice. And while I rebooted it suddenly occurred to me what I was doing.

Now there are SOME people who write their blog entries offline, edit them, and upload them afterward. I laud them. I do this occasionally and wish I did it more. Puts a tiny little bit of space between "that which enters my head" and "that which gets sent out into the world to be read by friends and strangers alike." I wonder how my college writing classes would have addressed this blogging phenomenon?

It's exciting to be able to tell you that I have now created three or four "buy it now" buttons through PayPal. To actually sell my "stuff" online. And they're live, although not tested. I was doing that at the same time as writing descriptions of the necklaces I've posted photos of but haven't written up. I have to stop this very minute. I won't remove the buttons that are there now, but am going offline to write the remainder and save a nice, healthy draft of my work. Like a proper recipient of an English degree.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the aforementioned reboot, I developed a sharp, piercing knot just behind my shoulder blade that's taken my breath away. It's increasing as I type, so I'll be getting up from my desk and trying to deal with that before I resume the drafting process. Another challenge to being A.D.D., and one of my less favorite elements. And YES, I have a to-do list. It's all on there. (Except for the reboot and the back pain.) But it sure ain't progressing in a smooth-as-buttah way today.

Gotta' love the quirky stuff.