Art theft, intrigue, and the lowly journal

My dreams were bizarre last night. So much so that they're still with me. There was something about a coastal town and perhaps I lived there. And a nearby university at which I (gasps and giggles) had a great deal of influence. And at which there was an art smuggling ring and some of us were deemed worthy of being let in on the big secret. They brought us into a huge conference room, fed us delicacies, and explained the schemes.

It went on for days and I neither want to spend the time and energy piecing it back together, nor trying to rope you into the intrigue. Suffice it to say if I spend my weekend watching movies and knitting, my imagination is going to find SOME way to entertain me.

Meanwhile today is the day I implement my new organization system for the new year. I've attempted to embrace so many different kinds. In spite of my hours of daily work on a computer, I still haven't embraced the handheld organizer. And I'm not looking for anything as bulky as my still-much-beloved Franklin Quest planner. And that little academic calendar I may or may not have blogged about several months back didn't cut it, either.

So here's the deal. I love, love writing in sketch pads. The kinds you get from art supply stores. Canson paper. And I love the little calendar my sister gave me for Christmas. The decorative, beautiful kinds used by people who don't write as much as I do. So I'm going to adopt a new policy of using them both, side by side, this year. The calendar will have the very briefest mention of my appointments, time and person, with a page number beside it. Then in my little sketch pad, which I'm going to use for my longer to-do lists and journaling and everything else, I'll number the pages (this isn't difficult - I've done it many times before,) and the books too, since no doubt I will fill up many of them this year, and I'll be able to find just the details I need.

Writing in pen on actual paper gives me as much soul food as writing in this blog, which is a complete addiction, and I'm hoping to share equal time between the two in coming days, weeks, months...

In fact, I have so many activities waiting to be sorted out right this minute that I'm going to leave the computer entirely and go do this right now. Wishes for a productive, happy, and Friday-esque Monday!