All or nothing

Perhaps there's a little extremist in all of us. Sure hope so 'cause I'd fall under that heading in a lot of ways. Take my tendancy to be gung ho about something...or forget it all together.

The knitting thing is a total obsession by now. I have made 5 scarves since I started learning (I didn't say they're all glorious...but I've finished 'em,) and have 3 in the works. That doesn't include the two I had to abandon altogether. Oh my goodness it's so much fun. Who knew? Only, apparently, about a third of the free world. I'm a little slow to catch on, I guess, but once I get going...

Meanwhile, I have the best intentions of handling certain other things - usually less exciting tasks - and end up letting them fall by the wayside, entirely. And in acknowledging that, I'm working to combat this challenge. Therefore I've just written two separate emails to touch base with individuals I've "been meaning to" connect with about specific things. Small events that we've casually talked about putting together. So first things first...sometimes all it takes is a little initiative to get the balls rolling.

Now I'm free to get back to my knitting. 'Cause once the weekend is over I won't be able to justify spending quite this much time making scarves. Heheheheheeee.