Intuition and blogging no-nos

I have, this very day, performed two acts that are considered bad form in the world of blogging. First, I wrote an entry (certainly not the first, hopefully the last,) that reads like a hello to a couple of friends with a little boring laundry list of "things I gotta' do today," and second, I erased it. I read, in the very early days of my discovery of the concept of blogging to enhance a business presence, that to maintain authenticity, once words were on the site, they should be left as is - mistakes and all. My English degree balks at this on many occasions, but today it was a different kind of complaint. Which is related to the first faux pas.

In order for this to be of any interest to my readers, I have to revisit the purpose of this site/blog. Quickly.

  1. I publish a blog primarily to keep a running log of the A.D.D. Creative Freelancer's experience, sharing little lessons along the way that might be useful to others on a similar path.
  2. I use my weblog to stay connected to my customer base, letting them know what's coming and how to find me.
  3. I also use it so that my family and friends who live far away can check in and see what's going on with me.
  4. And I use it to help potential customers find out about me and my work.

Okay. The review is over so let's return to this morning's issue. See, I had a big old case of writer's block and so I just wrote a trite entry of some of the things on my mind, mostly sharing a couple of things I had to do today. And as I wrote I'll admit, I had a couple of specific people in mind. There's a quick clue that this isn't good for the blog. If you're writing with only a person or two in mind, you might wanna' just send them an email.

As I moved through my morning and early afternoon, I thought of the last post a couple of times and felt a little icky. I like to think I've moved beyond blogging just for the sake of blogging. So it felt wrong. Then I logged on to Darren Rowse's Problogger site that he publishes so that others who blog professionally, or at least use blogs as a supplemental career tool, can learn to be better bloggers and earn money to boot. I read his entry on Bloggers Block and naturally it struck a chord with me. Even further when the first comment was Stephen reminding new bloggers that nobody wants to read about your posting problems. And you know, he's right. Reading his remarks, I knew I needed to remove this morning's post.

Of course, readers probably don't want to read about my decision to remove a simple boring post, either, but this one has a purpose (lessons and all) and I'm gonna' write it and leave it. Hopefully, though, the coming days will provide answers to more intriguing questions such as:

  1. Is she going to continue making those necklaces she was so gung ho about yesterday?
  2. If so, will the photos keep coming?
  3. Will she finally start learning how to use PMC to make new jewelry pieces?
  4. Will she tell us about the way-cool-new idea she's been bouncing around in her head for jewelry that incorporates clay but looks more like "traditional jewelry"?
  5. Where are pictures of the earrings she had left at the end of the Big Shopping Season and how can I get my hands on some of them?
  6. Is it really true that somebody thinks her work might be interesting enough to put her on TV?
  7. Will she actually ever be traveling again?
Until then, Happy Weekend!