Homework complete

bcpcop0106-001b.jpgDid it!  And of course as is usually the case, I enjoyed almost every second of it. While I worked, I thought of why it might be - in addition to the things I mentioned this morning when I was writing - that I've waited so long to get started on "this go round" designing new pieces.

Certainly it's true that I'm anxious to try the new pieces I've imagined since the last time I worked with clay. But what else? Well, I'm also in the middle of a huge reorganization project meant to help me put my hands on a specific component (bead, finding, pendant - whatever) in record time. As it stands right now, record time is not a part of my process. And maybe it never will be, either. But since I'm not finished with the project, it felt weird to just start in the middle of the reordering process and make a big old mess instead of completing the plan.

I think it's possible I also have a little hesitation (shall we even suggest mild fear?) that each time I start a new piece it won't turn out well. Perhaps I'll have lost it, this ability to make pieces that delight me. Maybe the well of creativity will have become stilted, if not dried up. I know it's not going to happen. I recognize this each time I feel successful in the creation of a new piece. This time included. I love these new pieces. Certainly I don't think of them as perfect. But when is anything perfect? Perhaps a part of my journey is learning to embrace the untapped potential of each new thing I make. Maybe in doing so I'll always have something to look forward to...something new to be made and therefore I won't suddenly stop doing what I love to do.

At any rate, I made two necklaces and now I'm trying to decide if I'd like to make another right now. I have a meeting at 2 and some errands. If I do the errands after the meeting, that frees time for me to stay in the groove right now. Maybe there's time...