Even more necklaces!

bcpcop0106-004b.jpgNot including the waytoomuchfun black glazed pendant that's currently embellished with copper wire in a pleasing swirl and the metallic organza ribbon I don't quite know what to do with next, I have made two more fun pieces today. I'm way tired of sitting and have to stop now. I tend to go into this mannequinesque pose of stillness when I work and my body's crying for movement.

As this morning, I have again posted photos online of the latest pieces. I'm trying to start the year off right (right for me - that's not to say that artists need to post their work immediately upon completion) because otherwise I tend to never post it. I sold so many necklaces I will never have a record of having made, these past few months, and it makes me a little sad to realize that.

So I'll keep making more. But not now. My 2 o'clock appointment didn't happen as my client had something come up making it necessary for us to reschedule, and so I have yet to run those errands. But I'm thrilled with the new pieces and hope this newfound inspiration will turn out to be a mere starting point. Now I have to put away my toys (or walk away - won't put them away just yet since they're all set up for more work soon) and be productive in other ways for now. Cheers!