The old, wise voice in my head asks me "What is it you're avoiding, young lady?" I have yet to make a single new necklace this year and the list said that by now I would have had perhaps ten. Surely I've been busy, working on web projects, redesigning my own site as well as helping others with their own. There have been writing projects to contend with, scanning and graphic work aplenty, and organizing musts to keep me busy. And still the necklaces have not been begun.

I think perhaps I'm too attached to the designs in my head which I cannot make until those pendants have been created (from scratch) that I'm objecting too much to working with what I have. Which is perhaps 30 or more pendants, fully completed and ready to be worked into something new and wonderful. Just waiting for me. So I'm giving myself an assignment in front of all, well, handful of you.

After I go downstairs and refill my coffee cup, I will sit down and make two necklaces. No screaming from the inner critic is allowed. And when they're done, I will photograph them and post the photos online today. Why have a blog if you can't use it as a sort of accountability tool, right? And if you see I have posted something else and moved on, never mentioning the homework, your job is to call me on it.