Ask and you shall receive

I love it how things work together in such nice ways. Like when I make bold statements about my career and suddenly I discover some unexpected interest in my necklace designs, somebody needs a larger-than-usual website, and the other things that were already in the works blossom nicely at about the same time.

That really is how life works and I get a lot of excitement from this rhythm as long as I remember to breathe deeply and keep myself focused. Unfortunately last night I realized I'd let a couple of things slide that I'd meant to do as soon as I was working full days again, and I still haven't. But I'm onto them now and so hopefully no lasting damage will emerge. And since my schedule has me out and about all day long, already, chances are this will be a late night again.

There are people who thrive on this kind of'm looking for a word that's not "chaos" because of its negative connotations) variety. Apparently I am one of them. And so today is a good day. I can already tell.

Meanwhile I have had to put those new knitting projects to the side. We knew it was coming, right? Eventually some things have to be laid down and hobbies-that-do-not-produce-income are among those, when there's a greater need to make new necklaces. I'll admit that I did not make a single new one last night as expected. I did sort through the pendants and start doing the same with the beads. But frankly it's not the kind of thing I can do "on demand." Which is fine. Because the times I've tried to do just that, the creations that have emerged are just frankly quite ugly. Honor the rhythm of your life, even if it's wacked out and totally different from everybody's rhythm and you'll find it all comes together quite nicely.

Or so somebody old and wise and well-lived might say. Not that old people say "wacked out" but these days you never know!