ADD - you can laugh or you can cry; your choice!

It was recently suggested that I write more about A.D.D. so as to shed more light on this subject for our Type A Personality Friends. There's always a bit of inner hesitation when I start to write such an entry. This hesitation is manifested in the form of an inner voice that screams "Stop! Don't do that to the people!!!!" and so on and so forth.

That voice is waking up and looking around even as we speak. I'm ignoring it. What I'm about to write is not likely to include anything scientifically compelling to anyone wanting to learn more about the phenomenon that is The Excessively Limited Attention Span, mind you. But it might give some of you another opportunity to stop and give thanks that you yourself don't process information in this manner.

I wonder (but haven't bothered to follow up on this curiosity, you understand,) if anyone's done any official research into the topic of the ebbs and flows of the intensity of the attention span in relation to things such as the cycles of the moon and the cycles of a woman's body (if the A.D.D. type happens to be a woman, that is,) and in relation to any other cycles I don't necessarily know about? Seasons, perhaps. Weather. It would be an intriguing study, I think.

Although it's unusual for me to know this, I do believe the next full moon will occur on the 13th of February. I checked in relation to the fact that my Mom's birthday is February 16 and my sister's baby is due a couple of weeks after that. And sometimes babies are born in greater numbers around the time of a full moon. Or so it's been said in more conversations than I can recount. Not that we can predict the arrival of this very welcome baby based on the moon's cycles, (a friend's husband's sister's baby -via uninduced labor - was born this very weekend ON HER DUE DATE, with no regard whatsoever to the pending appearance of the next full moon, see,) but it has come up in conversation. So even if I did start plotting the appearance of attention spans such as the one that's plaguing me today alongside the moon, I'd have to do so for a really long time to see what I discover over time. And I'm likely to lose interest before the experiment came to a close. (Which is to say, I wondered to myself, Self, is there perhaps a full moon which could be causing your greater-than-usual distraction? And my self reminded me of the question of when is your new baby nephew likely to come and that took care of that for a little while.)

One of the great, grand fun components to having an even shorter-than-customary attention span on days such as today is how it tweaks with your ability to follow the day's List of Things That MUST Be Accomplished. One of the things on that list, of course, is to write an interesting piece in my blog. This blog. I am failing miserably, but at least I'm writing from my authentic self, right?

This morning a bit earlier when I realized what kind of day I should anticipate, I emailed a couple of friends and declared I have Blogger's Block and asked for some topics. One reply was gloriously thorough and covered topics from the daily routine questions to those larger more cosmically affecting issues. (Cosmically affective??? They both sound wrong.) And the list, of course, reminded me of other things I should have put on my to do list but which haven't been put there yet. And it also reminded me I've already got several similar backup topic lists of my own for just such a day as today. Have I consulted them? Nope!

Instead, so far today I've:

  • written a long-overdue cover letter,
  • emailed a link to a non-profit group for whom I have built a draft of a to-be-donated simple website for an upcoming event,
  • recalled that I have yet to photograph the necklace I was asked to send a photo of to the hopeful customer who asked for something similar to the accessory a mutual friend was wearing when we saw each other,
  • drafted an email to her, apologizing for my oversight and promising to take the picture and send it later today
  • received the rejection from the email server telling me I had her email address wrong,
  • hunted down someone else who could clarify the correct email address (but haven't yet resent it to the corrected address, I suddenly realize as I write this,)
  • responded to several more emails, some of which are business and others of which are pleasure,
  • checked the online weekly specials pages for local art and craft stores to see if either of them happen to have discounts on copper toggle clasps for some necklaces I want to make very soon, since I failed to pick up replacements of these very needed findings last week when I'm pretty sure one place had them on sale,
  • also checked those pages to see if any yarn (which I'm still not allowed to buy,) I like is on sale this week,
  • had a great deal of angst over the fact that I may have inadvertently handled a business email exchange poorly and attempted to make amends but continue to perseverate, not knowing if the (perceived?) damage will be lasting or not,
  • entertained additional angst over the fact that I have not been a good friend for some time to a friend I adore who calls far more often than I do, and makes far more of the initiative to get together than I do, which is not my usual way but seems to have become such since I'm not quite sure when - tried to figure out why that is, and forced myself to "let it go" with the answer that our schedules are excessively incompatible, but promised myself I'd make a greater effort,
  • checked all sorts of online stats related to my varied business ventures,
  • blocked some IP addresses that have been causing some spammy annoyance to one of my websites,
  • confirmed the location for an upcoming shared birthday dining experience with a couple of my girlfriends,
  • walked by the knitting project I worked on last night and thought maybe just a row or two, then absolutely forbade myself to give it one more thought, so kept walking,
  • started on my second cup of coffee.

And that, as you see, is not a very good start to a day that needs to be handled with Precise Focus & Efficiency, but it's what I have. Perhaps using my blog to "get my yaya's out," (as a long-ago favored child used to say - I wonder how she is??? I thought of her last week when her birthday passed, unacknowledged by me...,) will help me to tighten it up just a little bit and get on with the tasks I simply must complete before I leave here at 2:30 or so for my later-in-the-day activities.

Cheers! And a Happy Monday to you!