You little slacker...

Well my work day started much later on today than usual. And I'm fine with that. Mostly. I think. Yes. I think it's okay. Don't worry, before the end of this post, you'll be singing along with me the song of She Who Can Justify Any Action!

Yesterday when my friend, Sarah, called to invite me over to watch movies before her own break comes to a screeching halt, I was very, very mature. I told her that much as I'd love to, I simply couldn't stop working and leave the house to play. I'd done quite enough of that lately, thank you, and I had to keep working. She approved of my choice and lauded my resolve. Then suggested I just keep working until the end of the day then come to dinner and watch movies with them last night, instead. Now that was a good plan. I could work AND play! And this is what I did.

But not too awfully long after I arrived, she suggested I just stay the night. They have plenty of extra room, after all. In fact, it was one of the homes that was open to me had I not moved into the home I'm living in now. Hmmm. A slumber party! Now that's one I haven't had in a while. Jim was certainly welcoming enough, too. Why not? Well then, okay, I do believe I will stay the night, thank you very much.

So we listened to the horrific thunder that unseasonably accompanied all that rain I wasn't going to be driving home in, and watched our movies and I (you'll be shocked to learn,) worked on another scarf I'm knitting and everything was enormously cozy.

Cell phones make many things quite convenient, don't they? This morning I was able to take a call from the client who's just returned from Europe without even getting off that oh-so-comfy bed (people, I'm telling you, high thread count sheets are the way to go, and no I wasn't still IN bed, I just sat back down on it 'cause it was so nice.) And when my sister called, we chatted too! Didn't have to come home to a full answering machine. Man I do love instant gratification.

After we had an enormous amount of glorious Sumatra, we took Emma The Dog, my new best friend, for a mile-long walk, and that is fabulous too. You know how often I talk about exercise. See, Sarah's a good influence on me. Isn't it important to start the new year with exercise? I do believe so!!! (I'll let you know the next time I do something this healthy for my body. Actually, it was lovely and I have amazing resolve...)

So, starting the workday at noon isn't really the kind of plan I had for myself this week, especially since I have a couple of non-work activities scheduled for tomorrow, too, but you know, that really is the beauty of working for you. The clock doesn't have to stop at 5. Today it sure won't...