Just a TINY little bit of knitting...

Over at Dena's blog, it seems there are similar struggles. What with her newfound addiction to knitting, and all. I hate to tell her but in my case, I had to actually put the whole business away for several days in a row. Just to balance out the scales of my own addiction. It was insane. Then I had that birthday and knitted the whole skein that Jan gave me. And had more guilt so I put it away again.

THEN tonight I was physically too tired to do any work at all when I returned from my delightful birthday dinner out with friend Betty (thank you very much, I also have lunch for tomorrow!) So there was no way I was working, and why NOT knit? Remember that blue and green and purple scarf I was working on back when? Well, I haven't touched it in ages. And it's taking for EVER since it's a teeniny yarn on US size 8 needles which is also itty bitty and the yarn is cotton so it doesn't pull and stretch and so once I was done with the first skein (or is this one a ball? I have to learn the difference in these matters. It's kind of a ball shaped skein, I suppose,) I was just tired of those itty bitty stitches.

SO tonight I was tired and decided to allow myself to knit while I completely vegged out in front of the TV. If I wasn't going to work and I was going to be a couch potato, it was actually a positive thing to knit, right? Honor my addiction. Whatever you want to call it.

Perhaps I knitted enough rows to add 6 inches to the scarf. Trudge and toil... I hope I finish it before Spring comes!