Another little site change

Based on feedback - here on the site and away from the comment postings - I've just changed the photo on the header to one I used last year. It's a more flattering photo than the other and frankly it may be more flattering than I could have taken right now since my face is a little...shall we say "rounder" than it was then. My hair has gotten longer now, too. Regardless, it's me and it's definitely my more usual smile than the wry, sneaky looking one that was in the other "snow day" photo, and so here we are. I'll probably change it one day again, though.

When I logged in today I felt warm and fuzzy again at seeing the changes. I certainly understand why the "old one" felt happy to people. What with its bright, bold colors and it's cheery flowers. But it might do better for a family website or a blog that's ONLY personal and not used for professional reasons.  

At any rate, time to move on and get some work work done and not labor over this site's design any longer. There's a loooong day stretching out in front of us, no? Happy Hump Day!