More website design angst

Okay, it has to be said. I hate this new website design. I spent hours and hours creating it and I've lived with it for how many weeks now? I think I'm qualified to declare: it does not reflect me or my personality much at all. Sure I want bright new colors, but it's too busy and the little flowers (happy though they may be) do not really have anything to do with my own design sensibilities.

I'll take this moment to take my hat off to Anthony at Squarespace once more. If he hadn't created this fabulous program I'm so addicted to, I wouldn't be able to do what I did with my site, so easily, nor would I have been what I'm about to do again. Which is to say, redesign my site again. Totally. Actually, not totally. I still want the bright colors for a while, I just can't abide the cartoonish, erratic feel my site now has since I redesigned it. So get your fill of the way it looks now, although you know I'll link to a screenshot before we wave goodbye so we can capture it for all time.

It's good to pay attention to the seemingly little things that make your heart sing...and don't.

Consider yourself warned.