Birthday Season has begun!

Actually it began day's ago when my "baby" sister turned, er, well, another year older. And today I have done the same. Three days after hers. And in a couple of weeks my brother, and a friend, and then my mother and a different friend's mother, and maybe another of my friends.

It's really quite a nice thing to have a birthday in this fairly dull time of year. All the holiday excitement abates and people say "I hate this time of year," to which I reply, "I don't!" Because birthdays are so much fun. You get to do whatever you like, and that rarely includes work, and people have to be nice to you and you don't HAVE to think of the number of years you've lived if it happens to be a number you don't like, and people have to be nice to you... Psychotic.

So this morning Jan told me that even though I already know she's gotten tickets for us to go see Bela Fleck and the Flecktones tomorrow night (what a huge surprise that was!) she had a tiny little other birthday present for me. And I couldn't imagine what could make this concert gift any better but I was game to find out.

I squealed soooo loudly when I opened my little ball of grass green yarn. Simple, plain, springy Wool Ease  that I've looked at a million times because I think it's close to the yarn that was used in the scarf that the guest in the audience of Ellen's show was wearing that day several months back and I fell in love with it and want one of my own. But I don't have it and I've been making other things. But I'm not spending one more dollar on yarn and so this was a most excellent gift indeed.

Meanwhile calls from my far away (and close) friends have been coming and as always I'm amazed that they remembered because I cannot tell you how many birthdays I have forgotten over the past few years. It's embarrassing really. I've blogged about this before.  And the sweetest email from my Mom first thing this morning which is a precursor for the phonecall I will get later when I know she will sing the Happy Birthday song to me over the phone.

I'm going to get ready for my day's activities now. I was knitting my preeeeeeeeeeetty new yarn but had to stop myself because I'm taking my seester to the baby shower they're having for her at work. I'll tell you later about my little sort of gag gift for her. I hope it doesn't bomb. 

So anyway, that's what I know. I might work some but only in the very much fun ways like maybe shooting photos of more jewelry to put online and most definitely not anything to do with spreadsheets and organizing. Happy Happy!