Can adults get a "do over"?

Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. Perhaps it's a little lofty to have declared the return of balance before one's consumed an entire cup of coffee. And so I'm thinking of the fabulous declarations we made as children. The ones in the same sentence as "you're not the boss of me." That was a good one. But remember the "Do over"? Well, I do. And for some reason, if you "call it" (it's important to call it,) then your wish cannot be denied. So I get a do over. Because I called it. Which allows me to lower my standards enough that I merely check 3 to 5 things off my list instead of achieving the return of balance. As if. Yea, checking a few things off my list is accomplishment enough when your focus is as hampered as mine has been today. (Okay, and yesterday...stop keeping score already.)

In other, more positive news, I'll brag that I have already actually checked right many things off my list today and had a magnificent meeting (for which I was quite nicely prepared, thank you very much,) in which many things were accomplished and determined for the next phase of the development of my newest website project. And I've made a few strides on the revision project of an older site. Not a horrible waste of a day, right?

But it still wasn't a complete and utter return to balance, or anything remotely related, and so we'll just hold off on the declarations of such attainments until another time. Like NOT Friday evening.

Meanwhile, I have set myself a single (albeit apparently insurmountable) goal with this editing project I have simply got to complete. I'm on page 2 of 10 - it doesn't bode well. But there's a lot of white space and it's editing in the manner of "which of these does not match the other? ... Now make them look the same." Which isn't editing in my tradtional sense, but it's still got to be done. Now. Before I can even think about playing. Which is what I want to do tonight. Translation: anything but work. 

Ya'll have a good weekend, hear? And don't mind me. I'll be sitting here until I get my assignment completed. I wonder if a little tiny glass of merlot might not help a bit. Hmmmmm!