The first Monday of a new year

[Blue Monday, tangentially - but not really related to this post, although I'm adding it here so you'll see it. Added much later. So you know. Click here to read more.] 

There's so much promise in a day that stretches out in front of you when it is THE first working day of a brand, spankin' new year. New Year. 'Scuse me. I love it like I love very little. That clean slate business I was going on and on about yesterday.

Today my inner artist and my inner web-developer-person are a little at odds and I know the web stuff's gonna' win out. Lucky for me, that includes "sit here and write my thoughts" since I embrace the idea that active blogging is good for a website's growth. In fact, it's one of my as-of-yet-unwritten goals for 2006: write more. A lot more. Of course I always have several different writing projects going at any time, but this site will see more activity, too, and that's where my energy is focused this morning.

I'm still a little unclear as to how many changes I'm looking for on this site, although I recently asserted it was going to get a facelift. A design overhaul. Since making that assertion I've tried lots of new graphics that don't work for me and in the end realized I still love the background's the other stuff that needs a refresher. More pictures and more useful stuff. And more organization. I realize that many times I do on my site "stuff" that I wouldn't dream of recommending to my clients: I let things get out of date. Pages are allowed to lengthen until visitors have to scroll too far down. I assume that people can follow what's in my mind and don't sort out my links. Sheesh! It's not great advertising. And so "I aim to fix it!" (You're supposed to hear that in the accent of my Dearly Departed Grandmother, Sally, of deep Appalachia. Just so you know. Not that she said that sentence much, but she said things like that pretty often.)

So now you know of the changes I'm anticipating. But this year, another of the huge goals I'm working on is "Follow Through." Wish me luck on that one. I'm a huge idea person. Not always so much, however, with the follow through. But, as we already covered, it's a new day, a new week...a new year. Surely that counts for something!