Moving furniture or revamping my site...

105053-239636-thumbnail.jpgIt's really all the same inclination, I'm convinced, that makes me HAVE to move the furniture around periodically, or change the entire look of my website. What's strange to some of my friends is how suddenly it seems to "come over me." It's not sudden, really. I just hide it fairly well. I'm thinking about it, "in the back of my mind," and then I can't stand the way things are for one...more...minute and so I'll redesign it or pop.

Such is the kind of (I'm convinced, hereditary) behavior that has me spending a whole day moving every thing that isn't nailed down into totally different spot in the house. My mother used to do this and we didn't think anything about it. It's just how things worked in our house. We also didn't think it was odd that this little five foot four woman wouldn't wait for my father came home, if the mood hit while he was somewhere else. Waiting for him would have been decidedly contrary to the honoring of the urge.

And so now, although I've written more than once that this site needs some changes...that I'm itching to make things look different, wasn't it this very morning when I said I'd decided I could live with it? Maybe I'd just change something here or there but leave things as they were.

It was a lie. A big old honkin' lie.

Not twenty minutes after I hit "Save & Close" on my computer screen, I was overcome with this urge to make it go away. "It" being the way my site looked. And so say byebye to the way it was, ladies and gen..., well, not a lot of gentlemen read my's too girly. No doubt I'm really shooting myself in the readership foot now, with the happy, perky, springlike, semi-flourescent colors I'm gonna' make you look at for a while. Yea, you heard me.

I suspect after I roll it out, I'll tweak some things. Change a font size here or there. But for a while, babies, it's gonna'... be... buuuuRIGHT!

Consider yourself warned.

Ta ta!