Hesitation, silliness, and our inner children

What's up with me that I sit here with mildly trembling fingers, hesitant to click on the single link that will render my entire website changed? As in, the whole facelift will be but a moment away.

It's the same thing that had my colleagues' brows knitted together when I would run across the hall or into the office next door to say "okay, are you SURE this looks okay?" before I'd change seriously high-level pages in the days when I was the webmaster at GTCC.  I mean, I was a grown woman who had been entrusted with the care of the whole college's website (yea, I know...what were they thinking???) and I'd have these little flutters of insanity before I'd do anything teriffically drastic.

Such is the scene in my little office right this minute. It's time to just do it. Click the little link. And here I sit. Rather write about it than do it, see. Whassup with that??? :) Well hold on...by the time you read this it's prolly gonna' be a done deal. Unless I have to call some people first. Snort.