When A.D.D. is not a welcomed friend

There are some days, regardless of what tips and techniques and solutions I try, when focus is simply not going to happen. Period. End of conversation so I might as well stop griping about it. And yet I do gripe and I will continue to gripe because I'm trying to get my brain around how best to handle days when I absolutely need to accomplish a certain set of tasks and those days often happen at the same time as those when my "focus issues" are decidedly NOT charming.

I've mentioned before that I (and other friends who also were blessed with the A.D.D. monster) have learned to (mostly) use it to my advantage. It helps that I work in creative endeavors because allowing myself to follow a thought process to its occasionally bizarre end will often bring me the most amazing results, creation-wise. But not so much when I need to focus on things like databases and coding and meticulous business-related endeavors that tend to, well, drive me to other tasks. Even doing laundry is more enjoyable.

Sigh. Play me a tiny little violin and whine and moan and get over it already, right?

Well while I'm getting over it, I've accomplished several things I need to do and I'm hoping to finagle a few more in there before my afternoon schedule demands that I move on to other things, with other people. Who are, without a doubt, blessed with keen senses of focus.

It might be nice to just turn this off for a little while, if the truth be told. AND just to take it one step further so that those of you who are annoyed by your A.D.D. friends and family members, my friend Cindi (the one diagnosed with A.D.H.D. even) called earlier and out of the blue with no prompting on my part regarding the conversation, she said, "Have you ever struggled to stay on task even when you've been very good at taking your medicine?" Hello???!!! And she exercises and eats fairly healthy too, far more than I do. So it's not just a random occurrence specific to me. Apparently there's a bit of confirmation that even when we're doing what we're supposed to, sometimes no amount of "aid" will make it go away.

So if you're reading this, know that we, who distract you with constant interjections and interrupt your sentences before you're close to a completion and confuse you with our random twists and turns mid-thought, are not doing it to make your life more difficult or to punish you for something bad you may or may not have done to us when we were children. They're not always, unquestionably thrilled at this focus fiasco, any more than you are. And, if you need to think of it a slightly different way, I welcome you to consider the thought in this way: At least you can leave the room. Which will allow you to get away from all that's going through that mind at a single time, any old time you want.

Complaining and whining is over. I think I still have 4 hooks to finish adding to the top of the freshly laundered shower curtain that I got bored with a little while ago when I stopped so I could wash some jeans and look for this little pack of beads I want to use in a necklace I think I'll make later today once the inventory sheet is up to date, which led to checking something on my site to see how far along I was before I stopped putting the "buy now" buttons in the photo galleries where I'm getting set up to sell my jewelry from this site. That was about the time I remembered that I hadn't written in my blog yet today and I really like to start the morning off by writing at least a short something. If I finish hanging the shower curtain, that'll be one more thing I can actually check off my list.

Checks on lists are my very good friends.

Wishing you a productive, and hopefully focused, afternoon!