Late night habits

It's something my much beloved grandmother and I had in common, this compulsion to sit up late at night, not wanting to miss anything. Regardless of how sleepy we might feel. She would actually work things out so that she could be the first to rise and the last to bed. Not me so much, in the mornings, seeing as how I love, love sleep, all cuddled in my down nest. But in spite of my love for sleep, here I sit, at the computer, working, surfing the net, responding to emails, and so on and so forth.

Bigmama didn't have a computer and so the way we spent our late evenings not sleeping wasn't that similar, but thinking of her propensity to stay up too late makes me miss her, even though.

Today's fight with my attention span are over. I've given in. Given up, even. And frankly after being too tired to fight with it anymore, it was a welcome relief to just go with the flow. Which meant hopping from topic to topic, task to task, and occasionally entertaining my friends and sister with whom I spent some time this evening. I think they're just really glad not to be me, frankly.

I'm already putting together tomorrow's to-do list and having faith that it's going to be a smooth day, in spite of today's frustration. Or in contrast to it. :) Maybe one day I'll find a way to completely allow myself to go with the flow so that if I can't stay on task, no harm is done. But not living in an A.D.D. world, I kinda' think I'll keep moving along on my quest for focus. It seems to make life run a little more smoothly. And if I reach it in small doses along the way, maybe I'll be grateful "and go on." Bigmama might have put it that way, too. Good night. I think...