The blank canvas - Internet Style

Today I meet a new client. I already feel I'm going to enjoy working with her because of the positive experiences I've already had throughout our email exchanges that have occurred up until now. When she sent her first email it was direct, clear and I was able to respond with no trouble. Same for the next. She answered my questions, no matter how seemingly trivial, and was prompt.

Which makes it that much nicer as I consider my thoughts this morning. About how I love a blank canvas. Regardless of whether the canvas is waiting for paint, or it's a cable waiting for beads or a ball of clay waiting for my form. OR, in this case, if it's a newly conceived website without a single word or graphic or layout element. In my estimation, that's a canvas, too, and I am excited to begin. Not anxious - remember, I'm into the process as much as the final outcome - but very pleased to be starting a new project.

As all of my favorite websites, this one will be fairly small. Just a few pages. But today we'll be working on the first wave of details that will lead to a brand new site. So much possibility.